We have entered a golden age in the study of astrophysical “transients” – short and often violent astronomical phenomena ranging from stellar explosions called “supernovae” to the powerful disruption of stars by black holes.

The field of transient astrophysics is currently being rocked by tworevolutions”: on the one hand, new cutting-edge telescopes are providing unprecedently copious and rich observations of transient phenomena; on the other hand, the developing field of data science is providing a plethora of new tools to analyze these observations.

Our group seeks to leverage the emerging opportunities for new discoveries and breakthroughs at this very critical moment in the history of the field. Taking advantage of the timely and productive combination of observational astrophysics and big-data science, we aim to solve outstanding open questions in transient astrophysics. 

Dr Maayane T. Soumagnac

Department of Physics

Bar Ilan University

Physics building 202; office 407

Email: mtsoumagnac at